In January 2019 a pair of Girl Scouts decided they wanted to find a way to help those families who struggle with food insecurity in their own Clarksburg community whenever they needed it and by March they were able to open the Clarksburg Little Free Pantry with the help of many supporters.

The little free pantry

The Little Free Pantry utilizes a community and neighborhood involvement approach to fight against local food insecurity. The Little Free Pantry offers a place where neighbors can support neighbors. The Little Free Pantry's philosophy is to Take what you need, Leave what you don't (need), and Donate when you can. This approach removes any limitation to schedules (as it is open 24 hours a day) and is anonymous.

100% of donations are given back

100% of the donations will go back to supporting the community. The goal is to ease food insecurity for our neighbors in need. Food insecurity could be a temporary concern (i.e. after a loss of a job or due to illness) or long-term issues that impact a family (i.e. livable wage). We would like to see the pantry stocked with a variety of nutritious foods, so no one shows up to find the pantry empty at their time of need. There is a large unrecognized need in our own Clarksburg community, and the Little Free Pantry creates some relief to those families in our own backyard.


Proceeds will help keep the Clarksburg's pantry stocked, but also provide small grants to other school-aged students who would like to start their own Little Free Pantry at other locations in Montgomery County.


how can you help?


When registering for the 5K, select “Little Free Pantry” for the first question: “Which Grant Recipient do you wish to support?”

Point of Contact Name:Stephanie Kreider
Point of Contact Email: mk2sk@verzon.net
Phone: (301) 717-7567