Jobs Partnership Prison Instruction leads a 10-week class at Montgomery County Correctional Facility to help students (inmates) better prepare for transition from incarceration to the work environment.

Tools to Find Future Employment

Students learn biblical keys and practical steps to better understand their gifts and skills to develop a plan to successfully transition to the workforce and pursue a career.

The Jobs Partnership ministry teaches individual skills inventory, basic job search, and ethical work principles to inmates, many of whom have never been taught these attributes.

Included are resources and techniques for finding potential employment, employers, writing resumes, success in job interviews, stewardship, and basic financial planning. We currently have seven instructors that teach classes for men and women.

100 Inmates taught Per Year

Our team has taught approximately 100 inmates per year, awarding certificates to the students who participate in the majority of the 10 sessions and successfully complete a 60 page workbook.

How the proceeds will help

As a beneficiary, our team will be able to print and pay for the workbooks, pens, bibles, and printing materials needed for this ministry.


How you can help


When registering for the 5K, select “Jobs Partnership” for the first question: “Which Grant Recipient do you wish to support?”

Join the Jobs Partnership

The program is in session for 30 weeks during the full calendar year. We have three, 10-week, one night per week sessions per year. We have one session in the fall from September- December, one from January-April, and the third from April-June.

Are you interested in doing more or joining the Jobs Partnership team? Get in touch with John Quackenbush:

Point of Contact: John Quackenbush

  1. Point of Contact Email:

  2. Phone: (240) 401-3604